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ABB broadens EV Fast Charging Portfolio with Combined Charging System (CCS) support

ABB now supports the new Combined Charging System (CCS) standard for electrical vehicles (EV) with the expansion of its EV fast charging product portfolio (earlier post) to include additional functionality and multistandard support. The new multistandard functionality will be available in Europe in the second quarter of 2013 including a special CCS version for car dealerships, followed by a targeted launch in the USA in the second half of 2013.

ABB was the first company to demonstrate a working prototype of the CCS standard at EV26 in Los Angeles and at eCarTec in Munich in 2012. ABB’s EV fast charging portfolio for the “charge-and-go” segment will continue to feature the Terra 51 CHAdeMO fast charging station, as well as a single port 50 kilowatt (kW) CCS fast charging station and the 50kW multistandard CHAdeMO & CCS station, optionally equipped with fast alternating current (AC) outlet.

The different Terra fast chargers. Click to enlarge.

A 20 kW variant will be launched in both single CCS and multistandard outlets later this year as a logical addition to the current CHAdeMO 20kW station for offices and retail locations.

CCS is a global open standard adopted by European and North American leading automotive manufacturers. The new CCS capable fast chargers are part of the wider interoperability testing programs for all next generation electric vehicles and are designed to significantly improve user experience by providing EV drivers with increased assurance surrounding charging availability and convenience.

All chargers in the portfolio will continue to be supported by ABB’s cloud-based charging management platform enabling remote management and extensive interfacing with any available payment method charging service provider network or smart grid system.



This first generation ABB 50 KW chargers will soon be followed with 100+ KW quick chargers required for future extended range BEVs with 100+ kWh battery packs.

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