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Better Place winding down ops in North America and Australia, to focus on Denmark and Israel

Better Place, the startup provider of electric car networks using a battery switch model, has decided to focus its efforts on Denmark and Israel, where the complete infrastructure is in place and commercial operations are underway. As a corollary, it will wind-down of its non-core activities in North America and limit any further investment in Australia beyond its current commitments.

The company said that its priority in those markets is to ensure that existing engagements to key partners, customers, and suppliers will be honored. Better Place hopes to retain the option to resume roll-out in these markets when circumstances permit.

We have demonstrated that Better Place works as a concept. We need to prove to our customers, suppliers and investors that we have a sustainable, scalable model. To do so we are now focusing on realizing the full potential of what we have built, and that means concentrating our resources and energy in the near term, on Denmark and Israel, where we have customers on the road enjoying our switching and charging networks. At the same time, we had to make some difficult decisions on actions to be taken elsewhere in the world. We believe in the long term potential of both Australia and North America and are enormously encouraged by the enthusiastic response we get from all our customers. Therefore we will keep exploring solutions which will enable us to keep our long term options with regard to those markets open.

—Dan Cohen, CEO of Better Place



The haters will have a picnic


It makes sense to start with small, rather than large countries, especially ones that are almost islands.

Also rich countries.

I wonder would they try Singapore / Macau / Honk Hong while they are at it.


They could take over on islands.  Aruba, Bermuda, the various Virgin Islands.  Any island big enough to need vehicles and which relies on oil for electric generation; a double plus if it has a substantial amount of wind power.


Either Israelis love paying Arabs $8/gal. gas or figure will do it.


Battery swapping?? Seriously?? This was WAY too ambitious to begin. Another Agenda 21 fail.


Can't say I'm surprized, I always thought "battery switching" put too much of a constraint on car design to work in the marketplace: To simplify operation of the station you have to have a one-size-fits-all battery pack.

In my mind a better place to bet your money is the "car & a half" idea. The 'car' should have only enough batteries for your routine driving needs, and a trailer hitch. That way on those rare occasions when you do need to drive farther all you need to do is hitch up the 'half' - a trailer with whatever combination of extra batteries, generator and/or pusher drivetrain works best.

Henry Gibson

Why battery switching? Why even electric cars if hydraulic hybrids will give double efficiency. Tiny range extenders will get a battery car anywhere it needs to go. ..HG..


Well, I agree fully with ai_vin on this. ABP was a badly flawed idea from the get. Battery switching was utterly impractical given the infancy of EV development.

Today, ABP filed for bankruptcy (hello GCC?.) As will many old school utilities and research programs that do not learn to accept the new LENR-driven economy.

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