Renault to supply 2,000 ZOE and 100 Fluence Z.E. electric vehicles to UGAP over 3 years
Chromatin signs multi-year agreement with Aemetis to supply locally-grown sorghum for ethanol production

Cabot launches new conductive additive for high-power Li-ion batteries

Cabot Corp. has introduced LITX200, a new conductive additive for high power lithium-ion battery applications.

The lithium-ion battery market continues to evolve as high power and high capacity cells are increasingly utilized in a variety of applications such as electronics, electric vehicles, grid control and renewable energy. High energy density and superior performance make these batteries a preferred choice for a variety of applications. According to industry research firm Avicenne, battery makers are estimated to grow global lithium-ion battery sales to more than $18 billion by 2020.

Cabot’s new LITX 200 conductive additive is designed to deliver the most power from a lithium-ion battery without compromising energy density or increasing cost. The LITX 200 conductive additive is suited for battery applications such as tablets, smartphones, hybrid electric vehicles and power tools.

LITX products are the first of a new Cabot family of performance additives for advanced batteries designed specifically to solve customer problems at the fundamental particle materials level. Cabot introduced LITX 50 last year. (Earlier post.)



Some measure, % of improvement to expect?

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