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Chromatin and Pacific Ethanol sign multi-year agreement for locally-grown sorghum in ethanol production

Chromatin, Inc., a provider of innovative crop breeding technology, sorghum seed products and feedstocks, and Pacific Ethanol, Inc. have entered into a multi-year agreement to produce, deliver and use locally grown sorghum in the production of ethanol. The agreement covers up to 30,000 acres of Chromatin sorghum to be grown over multiple years and supplied to Pacific Ethanol.

Chromatin is currently working with California growers who are attracted to sorghum as a grain source because it is easy to grow, uses less fertilizer and water than corn and is tolerant to both heat and drought conditions. It is also an effective double crop alternative behind wheat or in rotation with cotton and vegetable crops.

In addition, the residue from the harvest of sorghum grain can be used as high quality animal feed.

Ethanol plants in California have been seeking alternative crops to corn to reduce feedstock costs, to improve their carbon footprint and to source feedstock from locally grown energy-efficient crops. California-grown sorghum has proven to be cost effective and energy efficient, and using sorghum grain enables ethanol producers to qualify as Advanced Bio-fuel Producers and become eligible for financial incentives.



Sorghum normally grows where wheat and other essential cereals would grow. What a shame it would be to starve more people to grow feed stocks to produce liquid fuel for our gas guzzlers?


OTOH, would that be a smart way to raise food prices and convince 66+% of the local over weight and obese people to eat less?

However, it may have an opposite effect and drive them to eat more low cost junk fattening food and gain more weight?

Would about 800 mg of Green Coffee beans extract, integrated in sweet drinks and junk food have a weight reducing effect?

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