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Johnson Controls modifies automotive PHEV Li-ion batteries for marine application; Torqeedo Deep Blue

Johnson Controls, Inc. is slated to begin production this spring of Li-ion battery packs for Germany-based electric outboard motor manufacturer Torqeedo to power its electric boat motor, Deep Blue.

Deep Blue. Click to enlarge.

The Deep Blue motor delivers propulsive power of 29.7 kW (40.5 hp), equivalent, according to Torqeedo, to a 58 kW/80hp gasoline outboard.

Johnson Controls modified its Plug-In Hybrid Electric Vehicle (PHEV) battery technology, making the product waterproof and resistant to salt water (IP67), for Torqeedo’s marine application. The 13 kWh battery pack has a nominal voltage of 345V, and weighs 328 lbs (149 kg). Up to four packs can be combined.

Using a Deep Blue with 3 packs on a Rivers and Tides, model Palena 6.2, 1102 lbs unladen weight boat can deliver a 13-hour running time at slow speed (5.6 mph); 2 hours of running time at half speed (12.4 mph); and 42 minutes of running time at full power (31.1 mph), Torqeedo says.

The Deep Blue system. Click to enlarge.



JCI is the worlds largest producer of lead acid batteries. I don't see them as having any motivation to do much with Li-ion. This stuff makes for good PR though.


B4...JCI may realize that future 3x to 5x batteries will become an ideal energy source for near future electrified pleasure boats/crafts and off-roads vehicles?

People living on lake shores will appreciate the transition to electrified boats.

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