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Nissan LEAF passes 50,000 units in global cumulative sales

Global sales of the Nissan LEAF EV since its introduction in December 2010 have passed the 50,000 mark. The owners of Nissan LEAF around the world have now covered a total distance of more than 260 million km (162 million miles).

The highest mileage LEAF globally has been a Japanese customer who has covered more than 175,000 km (109,000 miles) in a car that has only been on sale for two years.

(Figures are based on all LEAFs registered with the Carwings telemetry system, which is not mandatory and not all vehicles are registered.)



The Leaf is by far the best selling BEV and beside Toyota's HEVs it is also the best selling electrified vehicle?

john mcavoy

I find the one year backlog for 20,000 presold Teslas on the road for only half a year pretty remarkable especially when it is not being marketed or sold outside the US unlike the three year, world wide efforts by Nissan.
(Full disclosure, I own/love my Leaf of 2 years, 24,000 miles)


Don't tell anyone, but during it's first three calendar years, something called a Ford 'Model T' only sold 31,706 units.

Fox News has the people to call it a failure.


Yes John mcavoy...the Tesla Model S-85 extended range BEV is an exceptional car. The only problem is with the price tag. At close to $100K, only the 3% may be able to afford one?

The other 97% have the choice between 3 Leafs or sharing one Tesla S-85 every third day?

If future Tesla were sold at $40K (or close to that) and the range extended to 350 to 400 miles, it could be a real hit. That car may be produced by 2017/2018?


Why do we keep trying to insist that an EV needs the same range as an ICE vehicle though? Sure, it would be nice but frankly I wouldn't pay for it if it was available and fairly cheap. I NEVER drive more than 150miles in a day, and if I did, I'd either rent a car or use the second car if in a 2 car family.

I'm thinking that a 150 mile range with fast charging (less than 20 minutes) around $35k will be a game changer for market penetration. Sure, it won't get all drivers but it would make it reasonable for 90% of the people and a decent portion of them would consider it. And I think it could be achievable by that 2017/2018 time frame.

People are just followers for the most part and when they see a couple million EVs running around then it frees enough of them from all the mental angst to at least view an EV logically as an option.

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