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Deutsche Telekom and IBM to integrate Machine-to-Machine communication and Smarter Cities data analysis technology for enhanced city services

Deutsche Telekom and IBM are collaborating to provide an integrated solutions portfolio that enables cities to make smarter use of their services through intelligent data capture and analysis. The Smarter Cities solutions will build on IBM’s Smarter Cities expertise (earlier post) and “big data” analysis capabilities combined with Deutsche Telekom’s global Machine-to-Machine (M2M) capabilities, which include M2M solutions integration and advanced network connectivity.

M2M communication technology facilitates the automated exchange of information between terminal equipment such as machines, vehicles and containers or with a central control center—i.e., an “Internet of Things.” By using sensors embedded in a wide array of systems serving the public—such as a traffic lights, public transport vehicles or parking spaces—M2M technology can report on the status of the system being monitored via the Internet in real-time.

Deutsche Telekom has been active in building an M2M portfolio for years, both in transport and access and the T-Systems solutions business. T-Systems serves the multinational corporation customer base and is already deeply involved in group-wide M2M activities.

In 2010, Deutsche Telekom created an M2M Competence Center to drive the internationalization of the business. The Competence Center focuses on M2M products and services in nine different market segments: Energy; Vehicle Telematics; Health; Retail & Commerce; Industrial Automation; Public Sector; Security; Transport and Logistics; and Consumer Electronics.

Combining this technology with IBM’s Smarter Cities expertise will enable intelligent, real-time decision-making allowing for services such as intelligent traffic management, route optimization, bus or train arrival prediction, and parking space management.

The partners said that the Smarter Cities solutions will deliver significant cost efficiencies through better use of existing infrastructure and improved planning of resources. This will help cities more quickly design and deploy next-generation intelligence systems that improve sustainability.

The alliance is based on the two firms’ strong common interest and complementary capabilities in growing the M2M end-to-end solutions market. As part of the collaboration, IBM will contribute its global smarter cities expertise, as well as deliver technology systems that gather real time data from various services, applications and device end points, enabling massive amounts of big data to be transformed into insight to help cities make the right operational decisions and drive long term plans.

Deutsche Telekom, with a business presence in more than 50 countries worldwide and a well established global M2M ecosystem, will provide cities with pervasive M2M connectivity to these technologies and services, as well as SIM card access management and M2M solutions integration expertise.

Deutsche Telekom and IBM will feature a variety of Smarter City demos in the GSMA Connected City Pavilion at the Mobile World Congress show next week in Barcelona, Spain. The Intelligent Transport and Smarter Parking demos will showcase how data collected from roads, buses and parking spots can be leveraged to predict traffic and bus arrival, anticipate delays and proactively coordinate resources to operate cities’ transportation systems more effectively. Additional Smarter Cities solutions will be available in a number of areas including transportation, energy, water and public safety.



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