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Algal technology company OriginOil, Inc. has launched a separate licensing group to address the growing number of potential commercial applications for its Solids out of Solution technology outside the oil and gas industry. By licensing these secondary market opportunities, the company intends to sharpen its focus on the commercial deployment of its frack water cleanup system, CLEAN-FRAC, for oil and gas production. (Earlier post.)

e are achieving substantial traction among algae producers looking to partner and commercialize OriginOil’s algae harvesting technology. At the same time, we are rapidly identifying new applications like aquaculture. We are extremely motivated by these opportunities but also cautious of diluting our commercial efforts within the oil and gas sector. Cleaning up frack and produced water is proving to be the largest, most compelling market opportunity.

—Riggs Eckelberry, OriginOil CEO

Alex Leshnick, currently OriginOil’s Director of Operations, will head the new Licensing Group as its General Manager, with Profit and Loss (P&L) responsibility.

OriginOil developed an energy production process for harvesting algae and cleaning up oil & gas water. Operating at the first stage of extraction, this high-speed and chemical-free process can be embedded in other systems to improve performance. Originally invented to solve the biggest problem in algae production, it is now finding demand in oil and gas fracking and production water cleanup.


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