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San Jose State University, CalCharge launch new “Battery University” program

CalCharge, an energy storage innovation accelerator, and San Jose State University are teaming up to launch a “battery university”. Battery university courses will be offered through SJSU’s professional education program&. Classes are expected to start this summer in partnership with SJSU’s engineering college.

CalCharge is a partnership of CalCEF and the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory.

Scientists, entrepreneurs, industry, and policy experts are meeting at SJSU to provide feedback on the vision and proposed curriculum.

California is both a patent and a venture capital leader in the battery sector in the United States, but we cannot rest on our laurels. Our sector is developing at such a rapid clip that if we want to maintain our leadership position, we must constantly innovate—and we need the top minds to do so.

—Venkat Srinivasan, head of the Energy Storage and Distributed Resources groups at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory


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