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Mitsubishi Plastics to enter NOx catalyst business with zeolite-based material

Mitsubishi Plastics, Inc. is entering into NOx exhaust gas catalyst manufacturing with its high-performance zeolite AQSOA used in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system.

Mitsubishi expects that the current global trend of increasingly more stringent automotive and truck exhaust regulation will drive a significant market expansion is expected SCR systems for NOx reduction.

To meet this need, Mitsubishi Plastics focused on SCR catalysts as a new application for the use of the zeolite AQSOA and has advanced the development of AQSOA for SCR catalysts since 2009. The zeolite (AQua SOrb) was originally developed as a zeolitic water vapor adsorbent.

The AQSOA SCR catalyst delivers superior catalytic performance at wide temperature including low temperature ranges around 200 °C, and achieves high durability even under a high-temperature environment that is essential for SCR catalysts, the company says.

Mitsubishi Plastics is already contacting some of its customers with samples of AQSOA and under discussion for further improvement and the establishment of global production/supply systems to prepare for a rapid market growth expected in and after 2014.


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