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ECOtality and ChargePoint establish EV charging interoperability company, Collaboratev, LLC

Electric vehicle charging equipment suppliers ChargePoint, Inc. and ECOtality, Inc. have formed Collaboratev, LLC. Collaboratev will enable charging network interoperability, exchange session data and allow financial billing reconciliation services among electric vehicle charging networks.

The new company will actively encourage other charging network providers to join as affiliates and enable EV drivers throughout the United States to seamlessly charge among all affiliated charging networks. ChargePoint and ECOtality will connect the ChargePoint and Blink networks to Collaboratev later this year.

Collaboratev’s objectives include:

  • Providing EV drivers with easy access to participating charging stations using common authentication credentials;

  • Enabling one bill for all charging usage;

  • Accurately provide aggregated EV charging station location data; and

  • Utilizing open national interoperability standards.


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