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Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi now available at Verizon Wireless

Together with Verizon Wireless, Delphi Automotive released its Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi product that provides a car-to-cloud/cloud-to-car connectivity service. Unveiled at the 2013 International Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the product allows drivers to track, locate, access, secure and monitor their select vehicles over the Verizon Wireless network using their current smartphone, tablet or computer.

The product uses a diagnostics module that plugs into the OBD II port, and works in most vehicles sold in the United States from 1996 onward.

Vehicle Diagnostics by Delphi allows drivers the chance to experience unique telematics and location-based features without purchasing a new car. Offered together with Verizon Wireless, this product not only offers convenience and connectivity but also peace of mind. For example, drivers can use a smartphone, laptop or tablet as a key fob for their car when they are locked out—regardless of where they are.

—Jeff Owens, Delphi chief technology officer

Named a finalist in the 2013 Edison Awards in the transportation category, the Delphi car connectivity service enables drivers to carry out any of the following features remotely:

  • Locate and access family cars without having to tag the vehicle’s original location

  • Monitor overall vehicle health status

  • Receive e-mail alerts for select driving and vehicle performance issues

  • Set up geo-fences and receive e-mail alerts for entry and exit

  • Summarize all trips from engine start to stop (date, times, distance, starting and ending locations)

  • Connect your smartphone to your car via Bluetooth for key fob commands

The system operates through a downloadable Delphi smartphone application, available for Android 2.2 and later and Apple iOS 5.0 and later devices, as well as a Delphi website that is compatible with Internet Explorer 7 and later-version, Google Chrome, Apple Safari and Firefox browsers. Data transmitted through the Delphi connectivity system remains secure and encrypted when sent over the Verizon Wireless network.


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