Nissan to expand use of Advanced High Tensile Strength Steel into up to 25% of new model parts; 1.2 GPa ultra high strength steel for weight reduction
Codexis introduces next-generation Codexyme cellulase enzymes with improved performance for reduced costs

EIG introducing LTO Li-ion cell for stop-start/micro-hybrid vehicle systems; high dynamic charge and long duty cycle life

Energy Innovation Group Ltd. (EIG), a South Korean manufacturer of large format lithium-ion polymer battery cell technology, has developed a high performance lithium titanate oxide (LTO) anode cell targeting and enabling applications requiring high charge/discharge rates, long cycle life, and broad operating temperature range.

The 5Ah LTO prismatic pouch cell, EIG Model T005, is the first of a family of LTO cells designed specifically for markets ranging from the growing 12V and 48V stop-start micro-hybrid vehicle market to specialized telecom and military markets. The T005 cell is expected to begin shipping in pilot quantities in the second half of 2013.

EIG will provide more details on the new cell at the upcoming SAE World Congress in April.

We are pleased to be able to leverage EIG’s deep expertise in designing high-power lithium cells to be able to offer the T005 specifically to those tier-1 transportation battery suppliers looking to enable their own viable 12V and 48V battery solutions for stop/start micro-hybrid applications. We believe that many of the technologies currently being discussed for stop-start vehicle applications do not provide sufficient dynamic charge acceptance or cycle life to make them economically viable for such a demanding application.

—Hee Taek Kim, CEO of EIG Ltd.



Could lighter micro-hybrids (MHEVs) equipped with long lasting 48-volt battery for stop-start and more efficient e-ancillaries become the first step to more affordable electrified vehicles?



It will likely be the first step that includes wider adoption from consumers. The EV and PHEVs are fine for the educated person, but most people hear the tripe regurgitated by the press, congress, and the car companies etc, and they believe it. So, the micro-hybrids will give a reasonable return on cost increase, help decrease fuel consumption and more importantly will support the Li-ion battery industry until all the old brainwashed people are dead and they can sell for electric vehicles..


The Fit EV uses SCiB lithium titanate cells from Toshiba..



That's probably why GM is pushing so hard on micro-hybrids and counting them as hybrids and/or alternative fuel vehicles. It makes their stats look good and fools 90+% of their customers.

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