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VW showcases production version of e-up!; premiere at the IAA

The e-up! Click to enlarge.

Volkswagen is showcasing its first fully electric production vehicle—the new e-up! (earlier post)—at its annual Press and Investors Conference in Wolfsburg.

The e-up! is powered by an electric motor with 60 kW / 82 PS peak power and 40 kW / 55 PS continuous power; maximum torque is 210 N·m (155 lb-ft). It accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h (0 to 62 mph) within 14 seconds and reaches a top speed of 135 km/h (84 mph). Volkswagen says that the e-up!, with an 18.7 kWh Li-ion battery pack integrated in the underfloor area, offers a driving range of 150 km (93 miles) on the NEDC due to its low vehicle weight of 1,185 kg (2,612 lbs).

The e-up! is one of two battery-electric vehicles Volkswagen AG plans to introduce this year, the other being the e-Golf. Source: Volkswagen. (Dates do not reflect introduction into specific markets, but a general launch.) Click to enlarge.

The port for charging the battery in the e-up! is hidden behind the “fuel door”. As an option, e-up! offers the Combined Charging System (CCS), which supports both AC and DC fast charging and has been standardized by Volkswagen and other carmakers.

Volkswagen is positioning the e-up! as a car for daily use in the city, but which can be used by commuters or as a second car. Order-taking for the e-up! begin will begin after its premiere at the IAA in Frankfurt this fall.

Volkswagen introduced a concept version of the e-up! at the IAA in 2009. The concept version, with a comparable motor, showed somewhat better performance, with a 0-100 km/h time of 11.3 seconds, along with a lighter weight: 1,085 kg (2,392 lbs).



So its added 200 lbs of unsightly flab since the concept....

Mohan Raj

Bring it on. Nice to have a model as EV, Petrol, CNG & Plugin.

Mitsubishi is also launching its improvised CA-MIEV with 186 mile (300 km) range.

Competition is heating among EV's espeically with Nissan reducing the price of Leaf by $6,000.

Cowan Anderson

Wooww Great to see an electric Car from the Germans and see when Japan king of the road will launch these type of cars.

Will S

Looks like a great addition to the field of affordable EVs, and one that will be added to my candidate new car list.

Nick Lyons

14 seconds to 100kph is pretty slow--even a city car has to merge with freeway traffic occasionally.

Will S

It's not going to be throttle jockeys who are buying this, so acceleration won't by and large be an issue. And that's what acceleration lanes are for, as long as that's what people use them for.

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