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Fuji Electric begins US production of DC quick chargers

Fuji Electric Corp. of America has begun US production of their UL-Certified DC Quick Chargers for Electric Vehicles, with the first production units shipping out of Milpitas, CA by late March. The manufacturer’s 4th-Generation 25kW DC Quick Charger features a slimmer design than previous versions, making it suited for a wide variety of commercial applications.

The DC Quick Charger is built to the CHAdeMO specification and allows EV owners to charge their electric vehicles in less than one hour.

With more than 350 units deployed worldwide, Fuji Electric has been an international market player in the EV industry for more than five years and uses its own power supply in the DC Quick Charger.

By using our core technology in the design of our EV charging stations, we were able to leverage our power electronics expertise to guarantee the product will meet Fuji Electric’s quality standards.

—Phil Charatz, President and CEO of Fuji Electric America



A 25kW Fuji charger announced on the same day as ABBs 20kW announces theirs.. are we going to see a flood of fast chargers soon?


Well the flaw is these ARNT fast. They don't actualy charge at 25 all the way through the charge AND we have the little problem of the fact soon we will have a fair number of evs where this charger even if it could charge full rate through entire charge would still take many hours to charge up a car...

25kw is only 100 miles per hour of charge and even that only for small evs.

Dave R

@wintermane2000 - Did you click through and look at the Fuji case-study comparing 25kW vs 50kW CHAdeMO?

The extra time to charge isn't very significant (2 examples were 25 / 18 minutes and 32 / 21 minutes on 25 / 50 kW charger), since the cars quickly start ramping down from peak charging rate.

The Model S (if it could charge on CHAdeMO) would take significantly longer to charge thanks to it's big battery, but then there's still reasons to install 25 kW charging instead of 50 kW because the additional cost to to install/operate 50 kW charging is nearly double.


Since 100+ KW ultra quick chargers are on the horizon, one should not spend too much time trying to discredit 25 and 50 KW chargers?

Dave R

@HarveyD: Tesla is already operating dual-head charging stations that can charge a single car at up to 90kW and 120kW across both plugs if charging 2 cars.

Too bad their connector and protocol are proprietary.


That's the thing dave.. they arnt talking a full 25 50 kw charge its quickly well below that point. So in 18 minutes how many miles of charge do I get?

Useful for around town short hop cars that's for sure tho I don't think most of those can even do 20 kw most seem limited to 2-6.6 kw.


Yes DaveR...and this is just the beginning. Connectors, cables, (or wireless) chargers and batteries will soon be developed to fill-in with 100+kWh (good for 700+ km) in less than 12 minutes by 2020 or so.

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