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China team develops hollow porous silica nanocubes for anodes for Li-ion batteries

Honda bundles enhanced safety features, including the “City-Brake Active System”, in “Safety Package”

Under the concept of offering collision-free vehicles to more drivers, Honda Motor Co., Ltd. developed the City-Brake Active System, an accident avoidance support system, and bundled it into the “Safety Package (tentative name)” with enhanced safety features that also include vehicle occupant protection technology such as side airbags and side curtain airbags. The “Safety Package” will be adopted for the all-new Fit which will go on sale in this year.

While driving at speeds of less than approximately 30 km/h (18.6 mph), the City-Brake Active System gives audio and visual warnings to the driver when the system recognizes a high risk of collision by the laser radar installed in the upper part of front windshield in order to support the avoidance and to mitigate the level of damage of an accident.

If the driver does not take action to slow down, the system will apply brakes automatically.

The City-Brake Active System also features a function that restrains the false start of the vehicle. While remaining stationary or driving at speeds of less than approximately 10 km/h (6.2 mph), if the system determines that the driver stepped too hard on the accelerator pedal—for example by mistakenly stepping on the accelerator pedal instead of the brake pedal—when there is an obstacle within approximately four meters in front of the vehicle, the driver will receive audio and visual warnings, and the system will control engine output to restrain the vehicle from moving forward.



All the right technologies seem to be available for all these automatic driving systems to proliferate.

They are rapidly improving to address threats that are less obvious to an awake driver, not just running into a car right in front of you.

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