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Ioxus introduces 3 new ultracapacitor modules targeting automotive, wind, industrial applications

Ultracapacitor manufacturer Ioxus introduced three new modules: the iMOD 16V/500F, 80V/12F and 48V/165F, which all deliver higher power and energy densities as compared with competitive products, according to the company. The iMODTM 16V/500F provides power density up to 95% greater than modules currently on the market.

iMOD 48V/165F. Click to enlarge.

The iMOD 16V/500F, 80V/12F and 48V/165F are targeted for use in stop/start transportation systems, regenerative energy capture, grid power storage systems, backup power/UPS and robotics.

The iMODTM 80V/12F can be ordered as a preassembled field replacement unit (FRU), eliminating up to 10 hours of labor and reducing the opportunity for assembly error. The iMODTM 16V/500F has customizable end plates to fit a variety of alternate mounting configurations based on a customer’s need. Additionally, the iMODTM 48V/165F has better thermal performance than competitors, leading to long life in high power, high cycle applications.





A 95% increase in power density is a very large step forward?


But energy density up to 20 times lesser than Maxwell module. And that is upmost importance for capacitors.
Ioxus indicating 3.1 Wh/kg vs Maxwell 54 Wh/kg.

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