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Navitas Systems becomes an affiliate to DOE Joint Center for Energy Storage Research

The Advanced Solutions Group (ASG) of Navitas Systems LLC, which recently acquired A123 Systems’ government business (earlier post), has become affiliated with the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) Joint Center for Energy Storage Research (JCESR) (earlier post).

JCESR, located on the nearby campus of DOE’s Argonne National Laboratory outside of Chicago, is a major public-private partnership that combines the research and development capabilities of five national laboratories with four companies, five research universities, as well as a collection of selected affiliate organizations, to develop energy storage technologies that supersede lithium-ion-based technologies for transportation and large-scale energy applications.

The Navitas ASG staff comprises the former A123 Systems Advanced Research and Development team, A123 Government Solutions group, and selected engineers from the A123 Automotive Engineering Team. Navitas announced on 29 January that it had finalized its acquisition of substantially all of the assets of A123 Systems’ former Ann Arbor, Michigan-based government business, including US military contracts.

This acquisition enabled Navitas to keep intact all of the scientists and engineers necessary to develop and commercialize Nanophosphate lithium-ion battery chemistry and other advanced battery technologies being developed for military and government applications.

Navitas Systems, founded in 2010 and previously known as MicroSun Innovative Energy Storage Solutions (IESS), is a woman-owned small business headquartered in Woodridge Illinois.



Ah yes, the guys making those top secret A123 military batteries{:>O Good thing the Chinese didn't get a hold of those things, or better still the Russian mafia didn't get them like they got EnerDel's top secret military battery technology.

When you elect lawyers you should never expect rational technical decisions.

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