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Rolls-Royce to supply propulsion system for battery-electric ferry

Rolls-Royce plc has signed a contract for the delivery of its Azipull (azimuthing pulling propeller) propulsion and control system for the Fjellstrand battery-electric ferry. (Earlier post.)

Azipull is designed to offer efficient propulsion and maneuvering on higher speed vessels (Typically 20-25knots). The streamlined leg and skeg recover swirl energy from the slipstream, raising overall propulsive efficiency.

Azipull. Click to enlarge.

The vessel is being built at the Fjellstrand yard in Norway, and once in service will be operated by Norwegian transport company Norled between Lavik and Oppedal.

In 2010, the Norwegian Ministry of Transport announced a tender to develop a new ferry that was 15-20% more energy efficient than existing vessels. The Rolls-Royce Azipull propulsion system, which utilizes pulling propellers as opposed to conventional azimuth thrusters will help the battery powered, aluminium catamaran meet these standards.

The ferry will have a capacity of 120 cars and 360 passengers, and will operate at a speed of about 10 knots, taking 20 minutes to cross between Lavik and Oppedal. The ferry will charge its lithium-ion batteries while loading or unloading cars, and overnight when moored along the quay.


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