Johnson Controls to supply AGM batteries to Chery Jaguar Land Rover in China; introducing 48V micro hybrid system
Ford / AVL study concludes mid-level ethanol blend attractive as a long-term future fuel for use in optimized engines in US

Dana introducing new single-speed gearbox for EVs

At Auto Shanghai 2013, Dana is presenting a new single-speed Spicer electric vehicle gearbox designed especially for the high-speed electric vehicle motor.

Available immediately, it features a 10.86:1 gear ratio and maximum torque of 265 N·m (189 lb-ft). In addition, the custom-made gearbox and high-quality helical gears provide premium NVH performance, the company said.

Dana is also offering a highly flexible, hybrid-engine cooling system. Its design consists of a battery cooling chiller; integral battery cooling plate; electronic cooling plate; universal stator cooler; engine control unit (ECU) cooler; and a sub-cooled loop, low-temperature radiator—each of which can be custom-designed to a vehicle’s exact specifications.



I believe Dana makes the cooling plates (very thin) used in the Volt's battery pack.. one plate in contact to each battery module... 48 in total?

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