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Ford anticipates doubling hybrids production, spurred by comercial buyers and increasing market share

Ford expects to double hybrid vehicle production as companies procure Fusion and C-MAX hybrids for their company fleets, and as model year market share, according to R.L. Polk, has grown 13% since 2012.

In the first quarter of 2013, Ford sold 10,266 Fusion hybrids and 8,511 C-MAX hybrids.

Ford C-MAX Hybrid and Fusion Hybrid have been purchased by a variety of companies including Con-way, Esurance, Quest Diagnostics and AT&T for fleet use since their introductions last fall, Ford said.

  • Con-way, a transportation and logistics services company with nearly 500 locations in North America, is adding just more than 1,000 Fusion Hybrids to its national fleet this year. The cars are deployed with operations and sales personnel at the company’s Con-way Freight, Con-way Truckload and Menlo Worldwide Logistics operating units.

  • San Francisco-based Esurance chose 50 Fusion Hybrids for its national claims fleet.

  • Quest Diagnostics recently added 150 C-MAX Hybrids to support its national logistics requirements.

Fleet operations teams can put an average of 24,000 miles annually on a vehicle throughout its service; durability, resale value, technology and cost savings are all major factors in purchase decisions for companies as they evaluate fleet options. Ford’s hybrids can save business customers as much as 45% in operational costs.



Why did the Ford models not appear in the Experian results (http://www.greencarcongress.com/2013/04/experian-20130423.html) if they are selling so many?

Dave R

Ford only started selling hybrids in decent volume in late 2012 with the introduction of the C-MAX hybrid and 2013 Fusion Hybrid.


When you double a small number, quite frequently it is still small.


Nay-sayers said that the market share of hybrids would remain stuck at around 2%.  Looks like they were wrong.


do I have this right...?
overall US market for passenger car ~`16 Million units
2% hybrids ~ 320k units
13% share growth within this 320k....?
is the general math correct?

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