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Reaction Design enhances FORTÉ CFD package with engine knock prediction capabilities

Combustion simulation software developer Reaction Design has added knock prediction capabilities to FORTÉ, a computational fluid dynamics (CFD) package for realistic 3D modeling of fuel effects in internal combustion (IC) engines. FORTÉ can be used to accurately simulate both autoignition and flame propagation phenomena in the cylinder, allowing designers to create engines with optimal performance, better fuel economy and reduced emissions.

When fuel improperly ignites, it interferes with the engine’s cycles, causes damage to components and impacts the vehicle’s performance, notes Bernie Rosenthal, CEO of Reaction Design.

Until now, CFD simulation approaches have been focused on modeling engine behaviors at a high level, but the true value of simulation is in being able to predict the key events during the combustion cycle that directly impact efficiency, reliability and emissions. FORTÉ is the only CFD package with integrated CHEMKIN-PRO chemistry solvers which enable the prediction of autoignition events.

—Bernie Rosenthal

To meet computational time-to-solution goals, traditional IC engine CFD simulation approaches require the use of severely reduced fuel chemistry models that are unable to accurately emulate real autoignition behavior. Using its embedded CHEMKIN-PRO solver technology, FORTÉ produces results 10 times faster and with greater accuracy than competitive CFD packages without the use of severely reduced fuel models.

FORTÉ utilizes multi-component gasoline fuel models that represents the hundreds of chemical species and corresponding kinetic reactions that have proved necessary to reliably predict when ignition occurs.


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