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General Motors Co. will invest nearly $332 million in four manufacturing sites to produce more fuel-efficient engines and transmissions. The investments at GM plants in Flint and Bay City, Mich.; Toledo, Ohio; and Bedford, Ind. will support production of a new Ecotec small gasoline engine, a new V6 engine, 8-speed transmission, and tooling for an existing 6-speed transmission.

The new small Ecotec gasoline engine is part of a new global engine family that could top 2 million engines a year by the end of the decade, based on production in Flint and other locations around the world. The new family comprises a range of three- and four-cylinder engines in displacements from 1.0L to 1.5L and is the result of an engineering partnership between GM and the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corp. (SAIC), Shanghai General Motors (SGM) and the Pan Asia Technical Automotive Center (PATAC). (Earlier post.)

The new engines will offer improved fuel economy, higher quality, better performance and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. The 8-speed automatic transmission will assist in improved fuel economy and performance. Details about the new V6 engine program will be announced later.

GM also is increasing previously announced powertrain investment in plants in Romulus and Saginaw, Mich., to $646 million—an increase of $46 million—to support production of the new V6 engine. Since 2009, GM has announced nearly $1.8 billion of investments for the six Powertrain facilities.

The $331.8 million investment includes:

  • $215 million in Flint Engine Operations for a new small Ecotec gasoline engine, which is part of the new family of engines that includes 3- and 4-cylinder variants with displacements ranging from 1.0 to 1.5 liters. Details of what variants the plant will build will be announced later. The plant will also upgrade tooling for its current V6 engine.

  • $55.7 million in Toledo Transmission Operations for increased capacity and tooling to produce an all-new, advanced 8-speed automatic transmission and an existing 6-speed transmission. The Toledo-based 8-speed will be used in numerous GM vehicles by the end of 2016.

  • $31.7 million in Bay City Powertrain including $19.2 million to produce components for a new V6 engine and $12.5 million to produce components for the small Ecotec gasoline engine.

  • $29.4 million in Bedford Castings including $19 million to produce components for the small gas engine and $10.4 million to produce components for the new 8-speed and existing 6-speed transmissions.

The additional $46 million brings the total to $646 million for the V6 project including:

  • A $41-million increase to $256 million for Saginaw Metal Castings Operations to produce castings for the new V6 engine.

  • A $5-million increase to $390 million for Romulus Engine Operations to build the new V6 engines.



I'm surprised they are not just improving and working on their V4. For the 1 liter range that seems to be adequate.


Only because EVs are a real threat to the status quo. Thus, also the reason for the false press statements made by every major NEWS outlet. (okay, yes, there are no true NEWS outlets any more, just the minions of the industrial masters).

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