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Jaguar Land Rover collaborating with Xchanging and Arynga for a software-over-the-air proof of concept

Jaguar Land Rover has been collaborating with Xchanging and Arynga to create a proof of concept that allows remote software and firmware updates to be sent to vehicles over standard network protocols. This solution was revealed at the GENIVI All Member Conference in Barcelona, Spain (23-26 April).

The proof of concept has been created on openly available hardware with an Intel CPU, using the Tizen open source Linux distribution as a software platform with latest HTML5 graphical user interface. Tizen was chosen as a GENIVI compliant reference.

A key component of the solution will be CarSync, Arynga’s Software over the Air (SOTA) product, along with Xchanging’s Vehicle Management Systems cloud-based applications and interfaces.

This proof of concept was created in less than 12 weeks and was built on an Open Source framework, along with the Arynga CarSync technology and Xchanging’s VMS services. This shows the real power of open platform development going forward. We look forward to showcasing the output of the collaboration.

—Matt Jones, Senior Technical Specialist for Infotainment at Jaguar Land Rover

We are at the beginning of an exciting new era of connected vehicle interacting with hundreds of in vehicle systems and customer devices, and cloud based applications such as music, video, and social networking. OTA updating of these systems and applications will drive a landmark series of benefits for the supply chain, the OEMs and ultimately the consumer. Arynga is excited about partnering with Xchanging to leverage our technologies and showcase them on the Jaguar Open Source framework.

—Walter J. Buga, CEO of Arynga




You beat me to it, kelly, I was going to comment: what's the big deal, Tesla is already doing that.

But not always without hiccups. People do report having to reboot the car because certain things aren't working after the update. And the 4.1 update added a sleep mode to decrease energy consumption while parked. Due to various side effects, Tesla had to withdraw that functionality in the next update. I believe it is now back in 4.4. Hopefully without the problems this time.

Tesla customers feel like early adopters, so let's say that these things add to the experience. But for the Jaguar/Land Rover clientele it's a whole different story. It must be 100% rock solid reliable proven technology.

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