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JOGMEC, Mitsubishi and Encana partner on research into unconventional gas development in Canada

JOGMEC (Japan Oil Gas and Metals National Corporation); Cutbank Dawson Gas Resources Ltd. (CDGR), a Canadian subsidiary of Mitsubishi Corporation; and Encana Corporation have signed a joint Research Agreement for the Cutbank Ridge Partnership (CRP) unconventional gas development in the Montney formation of northeastern British Columbia, Canada.

JOGMEC, CDGR and Encana will conduct integrated core analysis, geomechanical and seismic studies by using data from the CRP unconventional gas asset.

JOGMEC carries out R&D in exploration and developmental technologies mainly for conventional reservoirs, but believes R&D for unconventional reservoirs is becoming more important as unconventional oil and gas development has increased substantially in North America.

Since some of the existing technologies for conventional reservoirs cannot be applied directly due to the nano-scale pore structure of unconventional reservoirs, horizontal well and hydraulic fracturing technologies are commonly used for unconventional gas development. R&D needs for unconventional reservoir have been and will be increased, JOGMEC said.

JOGMEC, CDGR and Encana expect to increase the asset value by carrying out this joint research to achieve optimized and effective unconventional gas development.

Encana is Canada’s largest and the North America’s third-largest natural gas producer and is the operator and Managing Partner of CRP, formed to develop the unconventional resource that includes the Montney formation.

CDGR has acquired a 40% interest in CRP and is working on natural gas development with Encana, which owns a 60% interest in CRP with its wholly owned subsidiary.


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