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MTS Systems Corporation, a global supplier of high-performance test systems and position sensors, announced the availability of the MTS ERS Test Solution, designed to help automotive companies introduce and optimize Energy Recovery Systems (ERS) in their hybrid-electric vehicles.

The MTS ERS test system incorporates a virtual vehicle and physical test stations for up to three fully operational ERS systems; everything required to simulate fully integrated vehicle operation. This mechanical hardware-in-the-loop (mHIL) technique helps enhance the design of components and the accuracy of mathematical models, enabling developers to produce better prototypes more quickly, with a higher degree of confidence, the company says.

The ERS test system is designed to test components that rotate at velocities of up to 120,000 rpm and absorb/generate up to 150 kW. Specimens may include high-speed motors/generators with associated power and control electronics, flywheels, and other energy storage devices such as batteries and ultra capacitors.

The test system spans the performance range from Formula One racing to high-volume commercial passenger vehicles, bringing reduced development cycle times and realistic operating conditions to these hybrid vehicle systems.

With the MTS solution, engineers now have a reliable way to address the challenges inherent in ERS technology development, and to accelerate its deployment into real-world vehicle environments. Developers can accurately evaluate how different ERS operating strategies affect vehicle performance and efficiency, giving them valuable insight into how to best capture, store and return energy back to the drive train.

— Dr. Rich Baker, Senior Vice President of MTS Test


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