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Toyota Motor Corporation (TMC) will conduct public-road tests in Japan starting in May of a TMC-developed driving support system that uses ITS technology to transmit information from traffic lights to vehicles. The system is one of various Driving Safety Support Systems (DSSS) that are being promoted by the Japanese National Police Agency and sponsored by the Universal Traffic Management Society of Japan (UTMS Japan).

For the tests, one road in Toyota City will be equipped with a system to transmit traffic light signal information via the 700-Mhz band to vehicles equipped with on-board testing systems. The system receives the information and then provides alerts when necessary to vehicle occupants via the audio system and the navigation system screen.

Added to TMC’s separate system to help drivers notice red lights, it is hoped that by early encouragement to decelerate when approaching red lights, CO2 emissions can be reduced.

Provision of traffic light signal information was made possible with the cooperation of the National Police Agency and the Aichi Prefectural Police.

Through these public-road tests, TMC will analyze driver behavior under various driving conditions to clarify the extent to which cooperative vehicle-infrastructure systems can contribute to reducing traffic accidents and CO2 emissions, and then incorporate the data into future system development.

TMC has been using the 700-MHz band (allocated by the government for ITS) starting with public-road tests in March last year on a support system aimed at preventing collisions caused by driver error during right-hand turns at intersections.


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