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Calyx Bio-Ventures Inc. has launched an improved variety of Resonance carinata, an industrial oilseed crop that is proprietary to Calyx’s operating subsidiary, Agrisoma Biosciences Inc. Oil extracted from carinata can be refined into fuels used as 100% petroleum substitutes.

Performance trials of this next-generation variety of Resonance carinata, AAC A110, delivered an average yield improvement of 7% compared to the existing Resonance carinata variety, AAC A100 (where yield is measured as the weight of the crop harvested per acre). AAC A110 also demonstrated an improved meal profile.

The AAC A110 variety was developed and extensively field-tested over the last three growing seasons at multiple locations in Western Canada.

Performance trials of AAC A110 resulted in yields as high as 44 bushels per acre. AAC A110 also resulted in an improved meal (the resulting byproduct of carinata after the oil has been extracted) profile. Resonance carinata produces a high-soluble protein meal that can be sold into the cattle feed market.

AAC A110 has the same seeding rates and crop inputs (fertilizer, weed and insect control) as A100, and costs the same to produce, treat, clean and deliver to farmers.

Beginning with the current planting season, AAC A110 will be the variety of Resonance carinata sold for commercial production.


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