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The California Center for Sustainable Energy (CCSE), administrator of the state’s Clean Vehicle Rebate Project (CVRP), has introduced an online interactive map with information on the distribution of more than 20,000 rebated plug-in cars.

Map screenshot showing rebated PEVs at the zipcode level for SoCal. Click to enlarge.

CCSE developed the map as a tool for policymakers, utilities, the auto industry and other stakeholders involved in planning infrastructure to support the burgeoning PEV market.

California is the nation’s largest PEV market with roughly 35% of the US total. During the fourth quarter 2012, sales of PEVs in California reached 2.5% of all new cars purchased or leased in the state. Currently, about 2,300 new PEV owners apply for a state rebate each month.

Not all PEVs sold in California are in the CVRP database as not every owner applies for a rebate. Also, although the Chevy Volt was commercially available in California as of Dec. 2010, it was not eligible for CVRP until Feb. 2012. Some 2,300 Volts were sold in California prior to Feb. 2012.

The online map offers region-specific PEV adoption rates based on the number of CVRP incentives paid in the area. It has the capability to filter rebate numbers by utility service territory, county, air district or ZIP code and show the type of PEV purchased. The results can be printed on scales ranging from neighborhoods to the entire state.

CCSE is the administrator of the CVRP for the California Air Resources Board. Since the project’s inception in 2010, CCSE has issued approximately $46 million to more than 20,000 vehicle owners.


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