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German Government hosting international e-mobility conference; Merkel speaking

The German Federal Government is hosting an international conference on e-mobility, “Electric Mobility Going Global” later this month (27-28 May) in Berlin; Germany’s chancellor Dr. Angela Merkel is scheduled to give a speech on the first conference day.

The conference is conducted in cooperation with the National Electric Mobility Platform (NPE). The German Federal Government is inviting speakers and participants to discuss the potential and challenges of electric mobility.

Among those slated to speak is the new US Secretary of Energy, Dr. Ernest Moniz, as well as Dr. Wan Gang, Minister of Science and Technology, China.

The conference language is German, with simultaneous translation to English. Video streaming will be offered through the website of the conference.



Better late than never!

e-mobility is a great opportunity for the German high quality Industries. Their three majors; VW Group, Mercedes and BMW could become world leaders in ground transport electrification, as did the local wind mill industries.

JVs with world leaders (Nissan, Toyota, Mitsubishi etc) may have to be re-enforced to accelerate the local electrification process.


They might be able to provide a use for their excess solar power if they could get everyone into EVs, AND forced companies to let people charge at work.

Or, they could just put in the batteries (without the cars), and just time-shift the excess power.

In this way, they could use heavier or bulkier, or less robust batteries.

Apart from that, Germany has gone for efficient ICEs in a big way, viz BMW 520D, Golf tdi etc.

Roger Pham

Daytime BEV or PHEV charging at work is a great way to absorb excess solar PV electricity, making PEV that much cleaner and reduces the carbon footprint. In colder seasons, solar energy is much less available, then the PHEV will use the ICE to provide both heat and power. PHEV is the perfect solution for solar energy utilization in transportation.


The thing about German e-mobility? It's not just BEVs. The Germans have gone big into electrified rail (not just high speed intercity but also intracity - trams & streetcars). As most of this traffic is during the day, when people are awake, daytime solar could go directly into overhead cables to move everything from commuters to cargo. Heck, in some places even garbage pick-up is done by trams;


The proactive German move on sustainable alternative energy (Wind + Solar) have become major local industries and will lead to the promotion of clean electrified ground transportation vehicles, of all size, for the local market and imports.

Yes, sustainable Solar + Wind power + storage will supply clean energy for a mix of electrified vehicles for centuries to come.

Nuclear and Coal fired power plants will be phased out. A few cleaner NG cogeneration or large FCs could be used to compliment clean energy storage.


Correction:...imports should read exports.

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