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Renault signs on as official partner of Spark Racing Technology for Formula E

Renault SAS has signed on as official Technical Partner of Spark Racing Technology (SRT) to supply the Formula E cars to be entered in the FIA Formula E Championship.

Spark Racing Technology was founded in November 2012 for the creation and assembly of cars participating in the FIA World Championship Formula E. Formula E is a new FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) championship featuring racing cars powered exclusively by electric energy. It represents a vision for the future of the motor industry over the coming decades. The races will be held in the heart of the world’s leading cities, around their main landmarks. Demonstrations of the first cars will commence in 2013, followed by the first official electric car race in 2014. The plan is for a grid of 10 teams and 20 drivers in 2014.

SRT earlier entered into an agreement with McLaren Electronic Systems to design and construct the powertrain for the first Formula E car.

Renault’s expertise in electric powertrain design and integration acquired both in production E.V. and in Formula 1 makes Renault Sport a natural partner for Spark in this exciting Formula E project.

Engineers from Renault Sport F1 and Renault Sport Technologies will collaborate with Spark Racing Technology team to optimize the electric and electronic layout and performance of the powertrain. Our experience will be particularly valuable to ensure the safety and reliability of the car.

—Patrice Ratti, Managing Director of Renault Sport Technologies

The 42 Formula E single-seaters built for the beginning of the first season will be named “Spark-Renault”.


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