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Li-ion battery maker EnerDel, Inc. has introduced the new PPA 300-689 Vigor+ Energy Storage System (ESS) as part of its aftermarket and service business strategy. The ESS is designed as a retrofit to replace the nickel metal hydride (NiMH)-based energy storage system currently used in Allison hybrid buses. The system is also suited for those interested in designing in lithium-ion technology from the onset, the company said.

The EnerDel system features 19 kWh rated energy (16.9 kWh usable)—more than three times the rated (>5x usable) energy of the original battery. The elevated energy rating provides longer life and more available power. These attributes, coupled with lower mass, delivers better fuel efficiency and longer range.

The new air-cooled Li-ion energy storage system offers the same voltage, CAN interface and mounting points, making it an easy drop-in replacement for the original NiMH battery.

This new solution offers an easy retrofit to the current system that is used in more than 6,000 hybrid buses across North America. With many of those batteries past their warranty and in need of replacement, the PPA300-689 Vigor+ Energy Storage System gives metropolitan transit authorities a choice in how to keep their clean-emission fleets operational at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

—EnerDel CEO Dave Roberts

EnerDel’s new ESS is in the midst of field testing, having accomplished several thousand miles of on-the-road, in-service operation with metropolitan transit authorities.



More than five times the effective energy storage in the same size package is a worthwhile breakthrough? Another similar step could be about enough for practical extended range EVs?


They should say something about price, or value. It's likely a good value, but they don't say that. It's lighter, more power and will last longer, but what do the dollar signs look like.

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