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Introducing Green Car Congress Discussions: a forum area for the user community

Green Car Congress is launching a new forum section for the community of GCC readers to post and to discuss developments in energy, transportation, and sustainable mobility not covered on the main GCC site: research and ideas, questions, analysis, reactions to current events, and whatever else strikes your fancy.

My hope is that these discussions will be heavy on content and light on invective. I have not yet formalized rules of engagement for this forum; again, I hope those will emerge from the community. (And anyone who has some more specific ideas about how to guide this in the right direction, please let me know. I am a tyro at this.)

You will notice that the forum area is not fully integrated, at least at this point, with the daily website. That may change in the future depending upon how this project evolves. But for the time being, you will be able to access the forum by clicking on the “Go to GCC Discussions forum” button in the horizontal menu on GCC pages, and you can return to GCC by clicking on the “Return to Green Car Congress” button in the horizontal menu on the forum pages.

The forum software is phpBB3. Any helpful suggestions as to how to optimize the configuration and make it more useful are more than welcome. To start, we’ll run with a “General forum”; I’ll hold off putting up more specialized forums pending your suggestions and wishes.

Thank you for reading and participating,

Mike Millikin, Editor, Green Car Congress



Thank you Mike. I'm sure this is going to be interesting. I have been a participant in Green Car Congress (GCC) for 13 years now. It is remarkable how stable this chat hall has been during all this time.

Since around Thanksgiving 1996, I have also been active in another group. We have had at least a hundred come and go there.

GCC still has active members who were here for more than 13 years.

Dave R

Could be interesting. Amazing how quickly the spammers found it - 3 threads and one of them is spam.

I think it might be nice to merge the comments into the forum - so instead of commenting here, you'd end up commenting into a dedicated thread for each story.

Blagojce Baki Krivevski

Good luck. I'm with GCC for five years now. I would suggest to put a widget with forum threads at GCC main site.


Many thanks Mike.
I have always thought that this forum does not get the level of reader comments which it deserves.
Hopefully the new format will correct this.


As of a few hours ago, it definitely needed some wielding of the spam-cleaver and ban-hammer.

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