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Hubject GmbH’s eRoaming platform goes live for Europe-wide charging of electric vehicles

Hubject GmbH, a joint venture formed by BMW Group, Bosch, Daimler AG, EnBW, RWE and Siemens (earlier post), launched its eRoaming EV charging platform “intercharge” during the International Emobility Conference hosted by the German federal government (earlier post).

By starting the eRoaming platform we and our partners have provided the solution to a fundamental emobility issue. intercharge will enable all users of electric vehicles to charge easily and anywhere.

—Andreas Pfeiffer, Managing Director of Hubject GmbH

The Europe-wide network of charging infrastructures connected via eRoaming allows users to charge their vehicles at all stations compatible with intercharge under a single contract. The only requirement is that their provider be connected to Hubject’s eRoaming system.

All charge stations allowing for a cross-provider use can be recognized by means of the intercharge symbol, which is fitted visibly to all charge points. Alongside partners from Germany and the Benelux countries a number of Austrian charging infrastructure operators have also already lent their support to Hubject GmbH’s intercharge model.

At the International Emobility Conference Dr. Herbert Diess, member of BMW’s Board of Management responsible for Development and speaking on behalf of all shareholders of Hubject GmbH, welcomed the start of the eRoaming platform:

It is our aim that users of electric vehicles can charge anywhere and easily. This joint initiative enables us to leave national and regional stand-alone solutions behind and to create a European network that connects the different charge point operators and is available to all users.


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