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IFPEN developing 3D simulation tool simulation; new calculation engine for hybrid grids

With its partner, LMS Siemens, France’s IFPEN is developing and marketing its own 3D simulation tool, with the IFP-C3D code integrated into the LMS Imagine Lab AMESim platform. IFP-C3D is a hexahedral unstructured parallel solver of the RANS (Reynolds-averaged Navier–Stokes) equations for unsteady turbulent chemically reactive flows in internal combustion engines.

IFPEN has been working on cutting the return time of 3D simulations for a number of years, the aim being to reduce the design cycle time for new powertrains. To achieve this, IFPEN’s development teams simultaneously examined two areas:

  • massive reduction of the calculation time by intensive parallelization (IFP-C3D was awarded the Bull-Fourier prize in 2011); and

  • reduction of the calculation preparation time (CA0, grid).

IFPEN has just launched the production of a new calculation engine in LMS Imagine Lab Rev12 capable of processing hybrid grids. This cuts grid preparation times for calculation teams from several weeks to just one or two days, and helps reduce engineer costs for 3D simulation projects. In addition, the use of non-structured hybrid grids in the IFP-C3D code increases the code’s flexibility and extends its compatibility to include almost all the external 3D grids on the market (Centaur, ICEM AnSYS, etc.).

This new functionality will also allow IFPEN to integrate a complete chain for the creation and dynamic management of grids in engines into the IFP-C3D solver in the very short term, in order to automate this calculation preparation stage.



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