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Nissan LEAF passes 25,000 sales mark in US

The Nissan LEAF has sold more than 25,000 units in the US. The battery-electric car posted its best US sales month yet in March, and a 423.5% year-over-year sales increase in April.

Nissan has sold more than 62,000 units worldwide.

We’re seeing the adoption curve for EVs accelerate, and there is tremendous interest not only on the West Coast but in a number of new strongholds like Atlanta, Raleigh, Denver, Dallas, Chicago, St. Louis and many more.

—Erik Gottfried, Nissan director of electric vehicle (EV) marketing and sales strategy

Nissan continues to make progress with its commitment to enhance the charging infrastructure in the United States and since announcing plans earlier this year to triple the number of quick chargers from 200 to 600, Nissan and its charging partners already have installed about 50 additional units where interest in LEAF and EVs is highest.

Nissan is taking a three-prong approach to bolster infrastructure by working with commercial charging partners to bring a variety of charging options to our customers, collaborating with businesses to encourage workplace charging on their campuses and engaging in pilots with our dealers to determine how to optimize the role they can play in EV infrastructure.

—Brendan Jones, Nissan’s director of EV infrastructure strategy and deployment



Congratulations Nissan!!!

And next month, expect to see an announcement that we've passed 100K units in the US for Plug-In vehicles. We should easily go over the top during May:



Very good news for affordable BEVs (25000/62000) Leaf sold in USA and worldwide. Tesla's sales are also at a much higher rate.

HEVs and PHEVs local and worldwide sales, from 15+ manufacturers, are also going up at a much faster rate.

If current sale trend keeps up, we could see 10,000,000+ electrified vehicles in operation by end of 2014 or so.

Naysayers may have to revise their predictions.


Tesla's model S & Leaf are the only two electrified vehicles (BEVs in their case) selling more than 500 units per week in USA for the last two months.

A few PHEVs may joint the 500+ club by year's end?

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