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NEI new solid state sulfide electrolyte powder for Lithium-ion batteries

NEI Corporation is making Li10SnP2S12 (Lithium-Tin-Phosphorous-Sulfide, LSPS) available for sale in powder form. LSPS belongs to a family of superionic solids which conduct lithium-ions at room temperature.

Commercial Lithium-ion batteries usually contain an electrolyte that is dissolved in flammable solvents. The use of a solid state electrolyte, such as LSPS, will eliminate the flammability issue associated with currently used liquid electrolytes.

Sulfide compounds with high Li-ion conductivity are not commonly available, and as such, the development of solid state electrolyte–based Li-ion batteries has been hampered by the lack of widespread availability of these difficult-to-produce materials.

NEI developed a process for producing sulfide materials in a form that allows them to be used in Li-ion cells.

By making solid state electrolyte powders readily available in test quantities, our intent is to make it easy for Li- ion battery researchers to develop the next generation of all-solid-state Li-ion batteries. The NEI process is amenable to synthesizing variants of LSPS, such as compositional changes.

—Dr. Ganesh Skandan, CEO of NEI Corporation



Isn't that what Toyota (batteries) has been trying to do for the last few years?

Could be a good solution for the Boeing 787?


Sounds interesting. I wish they would discuss potential electrodes. Could this be an enabler for sulfur cathodes? That could be huge. ALso, what kind of current densities can this electrolyte handle?

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