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Porsche Universal Charger for Panamera S E-Hybrid PHEV supports charging worldwide

Porsche is implementing an integrated, global charging solution with the plug-in Panamera S E Hybrid (earlier post), which made its world debut at the 2013 Shanghai Auto Show.

The Porsche Universal Charger (AC) is included as standard equipment for the Panamera S E-Hybrid and can be used globally. Click to enlarge.

The specially developed Porsche Universal Charger (AC), which is included as standard, produces the connection between the vehicle’s charging interface and many different types of electrical outlets which supply the car with AC electricity at home or on the road.

In a consulting meeting, the new customer receives all key information on operating the new hybrid vehicle, with the primary focus on the power supply system for a home charging system, which is supplied as standard. This system can be connected to a household electrical outlet that has at least 10A current fuse protection or to a multi-pole industrial electrical outlet. If such an infrastructure is unavailable, Porsche centers recommend hiring a TÜV Rheinland certified electrician who can check or set up the necessary connections anywhere in the world.

The mobile Porsche Universal Charger (AC) includes charging cable, control unit and vehicle cable. The customer can choose from more than 20 different charging cable versions which cover nearly all of the world’s standardized plug connection types. Standard charging cables include one cable for the desired type of household electrical outlet and one for a selected industrial-type outlet. All other versions are available as options.

For example, a mode 3 charging cable can be supplied for charging at public charging stations. The charging cable and vehicle cable are interconnected by a plug connector with the control unit, and the driver can interchange these cables easily, quickly and safely. For example, the driver might take an optional cable along on regular trips to another country. Porsche also offers the option of a free-standing charging pedestal assembly that could serve as an electric charging station for carports or a company’s parking spaces.

Porsche Car Connect. In the new plug-in hybrid, Porsche is also offering the convenience of remote control of vehicle functions via a smartphone app called Porsche Car Connect. The associated e-mobility services are provided for five years without extra charge. The driver can use the smartphone app to access key vehicle information and to control vehicle functions.

The app is organized into four menu areas: charge status overview; driving range management; charging timer; and optional remote control of auxiliary climate control.

Along with the battery charging status and remaining charging time, the current driving range is shown for both all-electric and combustion engine driving modes. The electric driving range is intuitively visualized on a navigation map here. The charging timer function lets users input up to three different departure times. The system controls the charging process based on these timer inputs, so that the battery is charged as protectively and cost-optimally as possible.


Patrick Free

All that just to change a "ridiculous" <10KWH Battery Pack on a supposed "plug in". Please Porsche look at Tesla WEB to show you the way to the future. Not this for sure !


Tesla is just producing pure electrics currently. I'd much rather have the Porsche! Besides, I understand that the Porsche Macan will offer an e-Hybrid version....

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