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Roskill forecasts increasing dependence of Li market on batteries; switch from portable electronics to hybrids

Report: Toyota to boost Li-ion production for hybrids to more than 200K packs per year

The Nikkei reported that Toyota Motor Corp. plans to increase its output of lithium-ion batteries for the Prius and other models to more than 200,000 units a year.

Most of Toyota’s hybrids still rely on NiMH batteries. The Nikkei report said that Toyota hopes to extend the range of its hybrid cars by reducing their weight with smaller lithium-ion batteries.

PEVE, in which the carmaker holds an 80% stake and Panasonic Corp. the remainder, has a production line at its Teiho factory in Toyota, Aichi Prefecture that can turn out 36,000 lithium-ion batteries per year, but the line does not have the capacity to meet Toyota’s production target.



Where will the (200,000 - 36,000 = 144,000) new Lithium batteries be built? Will some of the new production facilities be built in USA?


I presume this will mean more PHEVs (at presumably lower cost), which would be a very good thing [IMHO].

Better to get a large number of HEVs and small battery PHEVs that a smaller number of large battery PHEVs or BEVs.

Juan Carlos Zuleta

In an article published more than two years ago on Seeking Alpha (See:, I argued that Toyota couldn't wait too long to switch its nickel-based strategy for hybrids towards a lithium-based one. It now seems I was essentially correct in my supposition.

Dave R

Sounds like they are planning on phasing out the NiMH batteries they currently use in nearly all of their hybrids, having finally determined that lithium batteries have what it takes to displace the tried and true NiMH batteries that they've used for so long.

Hopefully it also means that they will be adding plugs to more of their hybrids as well. I would love to see a PHEV Prius V.


Boeing couldn't wait too long to switch to LiIon and look where it got them.

Byd also had some problems: i.e.

Toyota are a more conservative company and may have avoided a similar mess.


Toyota has been experimenting with various lithium batteries for 10+ years. The specific battery type and controls to be used in their future HEVs and PHEVs will be safe.

Toyota's Solid States higher performance batteries must be almost ready for mass production?

Juan Carlos Zuleta

mahonj, as for your comment on Boeing, I invite you to see the following two articles of mine: 1); 2)
Regarding BYD, please see the following report published by this website last year:

Account Deleted

Ford, GM, Honda, Hyundai, Volkswagen, Benz, BMW have moved into Lithium.

Nissan, Tesla and other companies are selling EVs & Plugins with Lithium battery.

Lot of our Laptops, Tablets, Power drills work on Lithium battery.

Even Boeing has restarted making 787 after fixing their battery problem.

Its high time, Toyota also moves toward Lithium. Hope the Prius - Gen-4 uses Lithium to reduce space and increase EV range.

Juan Carlos Zuleta Calderón

mahonj,as for Boeing see:; and In relation to BYD, see:


MR...your hope may become reality soon. Toyota will soon multiple the lithium batteries produced internally with Panasonic. Their PHEVs and HEVs will benefit.

By 2015/2016 or so Toyota may start to mass produce their Solid State EV batteries for eventual use in their HEVs, PHEVs and BEVs?

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