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Tritium, an Australia-based designer and manufacturer of power electronic systems for electric vehicles, has introduced the Veefil fast charger for plug-in vehicles. The Veefil is the first release in Tritium’s new line of electric vehicle charging solutions and was fully developed in Australia as part of a $2.3-million project funded with matching support of a Commercialisation Australia grant.

Veefil EV Fast Charger
Veefil Click to enlarge.

The 50 kW Veefil supports both of the CHAdeMO and SAE J1772 Combo connector standards. Supply voltage is 400-415V AC 3ø; max supply current is 85A (AC). The compact Veefil is 2000(H) x 750 (W) x 330(D) mm.

Fast charging allows drivers of standard passenger EVs to refill their vehicles twenty times faster than using a standard wall socket. Veefil users can select either a half charge of about 10 minutes or a full charge of up to 30 minutes.

The Veefil is extremely attractive to businesses that want to get involved with electric vehicles, but think it’s all too hard. The Veefil’s tiny space requirements, combined with its stylish and sleek design, makes it easy to visualize in front of your business and attracting customers.

—Tritium Managing Director, Dr David Finn



Wouldn't be surprised to see 660 VAC, 3-phase, 200+ amps, 10-15 minutes, road side chargers installed soon.

All the technologies required exist.

Will future EVs be capable of ultra quick massive charges without damaging the batteries?

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