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UQM Technologies, Inc. has introduced the UQM PowerPhase HD 950T which delivers 950 N·m (701 lb-ft) of torque; the electric drive system is designed for heavier commercial trucks and buses that require such higher torque.

The 950T is an additional offering to the PowerPhase HD 220 announced last year, giving customers choices of various levels of torque and horsepower to meet their requirements.

The UQM PowerPhase HD 950T provides 144 kW of peak power and 100 kW of continuous power. Its high torque level delivers better launch performance, grade climbing and acceleration for heavier vehicles. The power and speed range also make it possible to use this electric motor in conjunction with simplified transmissions.

In addition to full-electric vehicle applications, the PowerPhase HD 950T is suited for use in parallel hybrid applications. The higher torque and lower speed range optimizes the system for operation at engine speeds, a requirement in these types of powertrain systems.

UQM PowerPhase electric propulsion systems power Proterra’s all-electric composite transit buses, Electric Vehicles International’s all-electric medium-duty trucks and walk-in vans and Boulder Electric Vehicle’s commercial vehicles.


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