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Uruguay launches first BYD battery-electric buses; projecting 500 by 2015

Buquebus and CTS Auto S.A., in partnership with Chinese automaker BYD Ltd, introduced the first battery-electric 12-meter rapid transit bus in Uruguay and the region.

The BYD electric bus, powered by two in-wheel electric motors capable of a cruising speed of more than 88 km/h (55 mph) and a Li-ion battery pack has a range of more than 250 km (155 miles)—nearly 24 hours of service daily for most transit applications. The BYD battery technology also allows for a full charge in less than 5 hours. The bus can be charged overnight, while the electricity pricing is lower.

By 2015 it is expected that more than 500 BYD electric buses will be running on the streets and roads of Uruguay.

Buquebus is the largest tourism transportation company in Uruguay, connecting more than 2 million passengers in Argentina and Uruguay per year by boat and by bus. Buquebus is also the largest Tourist Agent in South America, selling more than 300,000 hotel beds and 400,000 city tours per year.



Why is Uruguay so far ahead of many industrial nations with the introduction of electric buses?

Are they ahead or are we trailing behind?

Our fist locally built Volvo electric (PHEV & BEV) city buses will not be operational much before 2018.

Me gusta Uruguay

Uruguay is a leader in alternative and clean energies. Besides these electric buses, Uruguay is on its way to producing a significant amount of its electricity from wind energy. It currently gets most of its electricity from hydroelectric power, and has a large solar panel field, as well.

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