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Venchurs Vehicle Systems, a Qualified Vehicle Modifier of CNG conversions for Ford Motor Company, will offer 6.2L F-250 and F-350 CNG conversions (bi-fuel and dedicated) with a 23.5GGE system utilizing the new 3M tank, all priced at $8,350. The company says this is the industry leading price point for such as system.

We believe that our new price point will help move the industry forward, increasing the speed of adoption by fleet customers and retail customers alike. We have been working with companies like 3M to reduce the overall cost of conversion. With our new pricing, customers can reduce the amount of time it takes to see a return on their investment and ultimately make converting to CNG a financially viable option.

—Jeff Wyatt, CEO of Venchurs

While the CNG dedicated model is a fit for those located in areas of heavy infrastructure, the bi-fuel model offers a combined range of more than 675 miles and on-the-fly switching between fuel types. Because Venchurs is a QVM, the original Ford warranty stays intact and the conversion can be financed through Ford Credit.

Vehicles can be ordered using Venchurs’ ship-thru in Louisville, KY, or its remote ship-thru in Adrian, MI. In addition to the CNG conversion, Venchurs offers its customers the option to add additional accessories such as bumpers, wheels, tires, and brush guards.


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