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VG Energy and DAK Renewable Research to conduct field trials of LipidMax to boost corn oil yield

VG Energy, an agricultural biotech company, entered a strategic alliance with DAK Renewable Research to conduct field trials using LipidMax to increase corn oil yield. LipidMax selectively inhibits certain metabolic pathways (Metabolic Disruption Technology, earlier post) to increase the oil yield in plants, with potential applications for biofuels production.

DAK Renewable Research, headquartered in Brandon, South Dakota, brings agricultural innovations together with investors. It is primarily focused on developing viable and cost-effective green energy solutions. DAK is providing twelve 2,000 ft2 plots in South Dakota to measure the effect of LipidMax in corn oil production and test the robustness of LipidMax in field conditions.

The compound will be applied at multiple stages in the growth cycle of the corn. The crop will reach maturity in mid-October and results will be announced shortly thereafter. All data from the results will be exclusively owned by VG Energy.

The inventor of Metabolic Disruption Technology (MDT) is Dr. Karen Newell at Texas A&M University School of Medicine and Chief Scientist at VG Life Sciences. Dr. Marty Dickman, Texas A&M University, is the Chief Scientific Advisor for VG Life Sciences on the agricultural side of the business. Together Dr. Newell and Dr. Dickman are testing and developing MDT agricultural applications including LipidMax.

VG Energy, Inc. is an agricultural biotech company that is a majority-owned subsidiary of VG Life Sciences Inc., a biotech company researching treatments for drug-resistant cancer, Lyme disease, Strep, Staph and Sepsis, and HIV/AIDS.

VG Energy holds the exclusive worldwide license to MDT patent rights for use in the increase of production of various oils from algae, plants and seeds.


Henry Gibson

When will people learn that bio energy destroyed forests thousands of years ago up till the present day when energy from fossil fuels allows many more people to destroy many more forests far more rapidly the ship Bio-Oil to the rich EU. Any area that mandates bio-fuel should be required to produce it within their own boundaries from solar energy. ..HG..

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