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Battelle becomes exclusive distributor for Gridquant software; launches HELM-Flow for grid planning

Battelle has agreed to extend its existing relationship with Gridquant (earlier post) and become the exclusive distributor of Gridquant software in the United States, US territories, Canada and India. Battelle holds an equity stake in Gridquant and its software tools, including the patented Holomorphic Embedding Load-Flow Method (HELM™), technology based on a unique, novel-approach algorithm.

Battelle will immediately launch of Gridquant’s new HELM-Flow product. HELM-Flow is the offline planning tool built on HELM that seamlessly integrates with existing tools such as PSLF and PSSe to allow greater insight into transmission modeling through enhanced visualization of grid conditions, easy identification of modeling errors/issues, advanced PV/QV analysis, and operationally feasible solutions all the way to the point of collapse.

The new campaign signals Battelle’s expansion of solutions offerings to make the grid smarter, with key tools and support services in the distribution, transmission and demand response areas.

Gridquant physicist Antonio Trias Bonet invented HELM, which is unlike existing grid management tools that are less reliable because they don’t illuminate a clear path to certainty under times of grid stress. HELM tools provide a new way to solve power flow problems, giving grid operators new insights and visualizations of operational and planning cases, and unlocking the potential to find more reliable and efficient solutions to current and future problems. HELM-based applications are critical for reducing blackouts and saving money today and enabling the next-generation grid.


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