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Bosch to offer Evatran Plugless EV Charging systems

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions, an operation of Bosch Automotive Aftermarket, has entered announced an exclusive distribution and installation agreement with Evatran Group, Inc. to offer the Plugless Level 2 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging System (earlier post), the first commercially available wireless system. In addition, Bosch announced financing options for all offered electric vehicle charging stations and their installation

Bosch made the announcements at the 2013 Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) Annual Conference in Washington, DC.

Financing options are:

  • 0 down, same as cash loan with no monthly payments for 12 months if repaid in full in 12 months for charging stations with installations $1,000 and above.

  • $0 down, 5 year 2.99% loan on charging stations with installations $3,500 and above.

Bosch will provide the complete installation solution for the Plugless L2 System. A Bosch-certified electrician will install the home infrastructure portion of the system, and Bosch Car Service centers will install the on-vehicle components. Bosch will coordinate the entire process and provide post-installation support as needed.

The Plugless L2 System offers hands-free, automatic EV charging. Vehicle owners simply drive over the system’s floor-mounted Parking Pad and their vehicle begins charging. The Plugless Level 2 EV Charging System includes the following components:

  • Vehicle Adapter: Installed on the undercarriage of the user’s EV

  • Control Panel: A wall-mounted enclosure that provides alignment guidance and diagnostic information, in addition to traditional charging station functions

  • Parking Pad: A floor-mounted wireless charging transmitter

Bosch offers professional guidance for customers purchasing the Plugless L2 or other corded EV charging stations. Trained Vehicle Charging Advisors walk customers through a free on-site estimate, installation and inspection, and provide ongoing support including finding money-saving rebates offered by utility companies, government or vehicle manufacturers. Bosch installation services include a 3-year limited product warranty, all permitting and even filing rebate paperwork for a vehicle owner.

Bosch will begin taking advance orders today; the Plugless L2 System will begin shipping in early July, with initial customers receiving their charging station in mid to late July.



A turnkey installation with twelve easy payments without interest on a Gold credit card will be difficult to refuse.

Bosch could certainly supply 10++ million units/year to solve over night domestic charging for all, including naysayers?


I have high hopes this will become standard feature for BEV and especialy PHEv which shall be charged more frequantly.
I hope at least Cadilac ELR will have this as a standard.
This event deserves bigger article.


I am impressed by how fast things are moving. Just a few years ago wireless charging was lab technology, destined to be available 'in the future'. Usually that means 10-20 years down the road.

But the future is here already! If I had a garage, I would buy one.

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