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EDTA: hybrid and plug-in sales in US continue strong gains in May; 32,305 PEVs year-to-date

The Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) today released the May 2013 Electric Drive Sales Dashboard, showing strong ongoing gains in hybrid and plug-in vehicle sales in the US, continuing the steady market rollout.

Automakers reported that 48,796 hybrids were sold in May, up 14% from April’s 42,804 units, showing a larger increase than the overall automobile sales market. This brings the total number of hybrids sold this year to 212,711—14% higher than year-to-date hybrid sales at this point last year, EDTA said. Hybrids thus gained a 3% new vehicle market share in May, and a 3.3% market share for the first five months of 2013.

7,754 vehicles that can be plugged into the grid were sold in May 2013 (0.5% share). Now with more plug-in hybrid and battery electric models available to American consumers, at prices to match a wider array of budgets, this is the highest sales month since their mass market introduction in late 2010.

Cumulative 2013 year-to-date sales of plug-in vehicles hit 32,305 (0.5% share), while overall plug-in sales reached 103,220 in just over two years.

Last month’s sales are more than double the 3,378 plug-in vehicles that were sold in May of 2012, a 130% increase over last year. The 32,305 cumulative year-to-date sales for 2013 is a 123% increase over the 14,519 plug-in sales sold up to this point in 2012.



Perhaps we have hit the fuel price threshold for widespread conversion to electric propulsion.  This spells the end of XOM/OPEC hegemony.

Kit P

Perhaps E-P does not understand statistics.

The sales of Dodge Ram were strong.

Reports by E-P on his over priced POS have not been forth coming as I expected.

For the record, I saved $400 May by not hauling around a ton of batteries.


If I'm not meeting your expectations, you can stop paying me.... oh, wait.

With fuel topping $4/gallon here, I've saved close to $400 over the average vehicle.  My savings over what I had been driving before come to quite a bit more than that.


"For the record, I saved $400 May by not hauling around a ton of batteries."

For the record, most EV batteries are ~600 lb, 3/10 ton, and it's doubtful you save $400/month burning gasoline.

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