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Hitachi Cable, Ltd. has developed a harness for electric parking brakes (EPB). In addition to the mass production of this product in Japan, the company plans to start mass production in China in the summer of 2013 and in Europe within fiscal year 2013.

As represented by hybrid vehicles and electric vehicles, use of electric systems in engines and control systems has been increasing in recent years to reduce environmental impact and energy consumption. Electric control has also realized products such as driving assistance systems and electric sliding doors that improve safety and convenience for passengers and drivers.

Under such circumstances, demand for electric systems to be applied in parking brakes is also increasing as part of an effort to improve safety and convenience, Hitachi said.

EPB has a mechanism which can electrically lock tires at the flick of a switch. This control system is an alternative to the conventional parking brake which employs mechanical levers and wires. EPB greatly improves safety and convenience. For example, it makes more effective use of the space around a driving seat because it does not require a mechanical lever. Also, EPB prevents a car from moving backwards when starting it on a hill because stepping on the gas pedal automatically releases the parking brake.

For these reasons, the number of automobiles equipped with EPB is expected to increase rapidly in the future, according to Hitachi Hitachi Cable, which developed this high-quality EPB harness to respond to such market demand.

The EPB harness can withstand large external stresses. This product has been developed by integrating manufacturing technologies to improve the flex resistance that Hitachi Cable has accumulated through producing electrical wires and cables, in addition to the mass production and quality management technologies of automotive components such as brake hoses, ABS wheel-speed sensors and power supply harnesses that it has also acquired over the years.

The product maintained a satisfactory level of electrical performance without being damaged after undergoing more than 5 million vibrations. This product is fitted in 2013 model vehicles.


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