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Ford President and CEO Alan Mulally was in China last week to celebrate the seven-millionth Ford Transit vehicle produced and the opening of the JMC Xiaolan Plant, a new commercial vehicle assembly plant in Nanchang, Jiangxi province. At the celebration, Ford and JMC also announced plans for a new engine plant and two all-new Ford products.

The JMC Xiaolan Plant more than doubles JMC’s annual vehicle production capacity to 545,000 units from 245,000 units previously. The plant represents a US$300-million investment by Ford’s strategic partner Jiangling Motors Corp (JMC) and produces both Ford- and JMC-branded vehicles on a highly flexible production line that takes advantage of Ford’s global manufacturing expertise to ensure high quality while maximizing efficiency. The first vehicle to come off the production line at the plant was the seven-millionth Ford Transit ever produced.

In addition to launching its JMC Xiaolan Plant, Ford and JMC also announced plans for a brand new engine plant in its Xiaolan manufacturing base. The new engine plant will have initial annual capacity of 200,000 units.

As part of its expansion of the JMC partnership, Ford will bring two new global products to JMC: an all-new Ford commercial vehicle as well as an all-new Ford SUV. When launched, Ford will have a full portfolio of vehicles in the heavy duty truck, light commercial, and SUV segments in China.

In April 2013, Ford increased its stake in JMC from 30% to 31.5%. In August 2012, JMC moved to acquire Taiyuan Heavy Truck, giving Ford a major foothold in the heavy duty truck segment through JMC.

Ford launched its partnership with JMC in August 1995 and produced its first Transit in December 1997.


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