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Hangzhou City begins construction of vertical parking unit for EV sharing

EV maker Kandi Technologies Group, Inc. announced that Hangzhou City, China, has started the construction of its first EV smart vertical parking and charging facility to advance its planned five-year goal of establishing a mini-public transportation system which will include up to 100,000 self-service rental EVs and all necessary service infrastructure throughout Hangzhou. (Earlier post.)

The first facility is anticipated to be completed and in use in early July of 2013. According to the project plan, more than 30 pure EV smart vertical parking and charging facilities (including the additional EV sharing service network) will be built by the end of this year in Hangzhou City. Between 5,000 to 10,000 Kandi EVs will be deployed in Hangzhou within one year from the initial launch of the smart vertical parking and charging facility.

The implementation of the Pure EV Sharing Public Transportation Plan will provide convenient short-term EV rental service to Hangzhou citizens and visitors, and it also builds the foundation for establishing a mini-public transportation system of pure electric vehicles. With more pure EV smart parking and charging facilities built and in use, it will greatly improve the efficiency of urban transportation and help easing major urban issues many Chinese cities are facing today, such as traffic congestion, scarcity of parking area, environmental pollution and energy shortage.

—Hu Xiaoming, Chairman & CEO of Kandi

Kandi proposed the new model of pure EV sharing for public transportation; in addition to Hangzhou, Shanghai City, Chengdu City, Jiangsu area, and Hainan area are also actively pursuing to adapt to this new mini-transportation model in their areas.



Another major project going at high Chinese speed?

That's the way to do it.


Semi-benevolent tyranny does have its privileges.

Bob Wallace

No more efficient governmental system than a dictatorship.

The problem is acquiring and maintaining a benevolent one.


An enlightened dictatorship is preferred above a democracy of the short-sighted masses.
Historically dictatorships were not enlightened for a long time.
Lets hope the Chinese government is the incarnation of "the Leviathan" of Thomas Hobbes.


I don't see how encouraging EVs will reduce congestion.
It will reduce urban pollution and noise alright, but a car is a car and will take up a space just like an ICE car.

If you really want to improve communications in cities, you need a subway system to do the lion's share of personal transportation.

Leave the roads for trucks and buses and government officials.


mahonj has a good point.

Flooding cities with BEVs could create a major local traffic problem unless they are paired with subways city e-buses and suburban e-trains.

Vertical parking/charging facilities would be more efficient at major passenger feed points.

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